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Glucose Screening in Pregnancy Can Predict Cardiovascular Risk in Women With, Without Gestational Diabetes

Glucose screening during pregnancy can predict future cardiovascular (CV) risk in women with and without gestational diabetes, according to study results published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. CV risk was found to be higher with abnormal glucose screening tests, but there was also increased CV risk in women with glucose concentrations at the upper…

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Prenatal Testosterone Exposure Reduces Socioeconomic Success, Fertility of Female Co-Twins

Women exposed to a male co-twin in utero have decreased probability of fertility and socioeconomic success, according to study findings published in PNAS. For this study, researchers constructed a multivariable linear regression model to study the long-term effects of testosterone transfer in females who are opposite-sex co-twins. The model was designed using a longitudinal data…

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