Factors Contributing to High Levothyroxine Doses

Oxycodone, hydrocodone top abused opioid list
Oxycodone, hydrocodone top abused opioid list
A number of factors contribute to the need for higher-than-expected levothyroxine dosing requirements in patients with hypothyroidism.

Background:  Our aim was to determine and quantify the multiple factors contributing to high-dose levothyroxine requirements in a cohort of patients with hypothyroidism.

Methods: The Grampian Automated Follow-Up Register (GAFUR) monitors around 17,500 hypothyroid patients. In 2008, 190 (1%) patients took >225 μg of levothyroxine daily. A questionnaire was sent to 174 patients (16 were untraceable) to assess causes and to offer blood tests for endomysial, parietal cell (PCA), and thyroid peroxidase (TPO) autoantibodies. Primary care practices were contacted for medication details. All patients with positive endomysial autoantibodies were referred to a gastroenterologist. Thyroid function tests and levothyroxine doses were re-evaluated in 2011.

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