Motivational Interviewing May Help Nonadherent Patients

(HealthDay News) —- Motivational interviewing can be a useful approach for reaching noncompliant patients, according to an article published in Medical Economics.

In this era of health reform and accountability, when physicians cannot give up on nonadherent patients, motivational interviewing is being adopted as a new approach to reaching these patients.

The article describes the technique of motivational interviewing, which includes five steps: expressing empathy, developing discrepancy, avoiding arguments, continuing when patients express resistance and supporting self-reliance. 

However, physicians face barriers to incorporating motivational interviewing, including limited time to engage patients. One way to help patients is for doctors to be a good role model in terms of healthy lifestyle. Although working with patients to set personal goals may take more time at the outset, the investment pays off through improved outcomes in the longer term. 

Before patients will be open to change, physicians must address their top priorities and listen to the patient. Consulting with other speakers is helpful, and attending training sessions which include role play can be beneficial for physicians.

“[Motivational interviewing] is a concept that predates the Affordable Care Act and even the patient-centered medical home, but this collaborative communication style offers results that help satisfy both,” according to the article.

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