Lower-priced versions of Humalog Mix 75/25 KwikPen (insulin lispro protamine and insulin lispro injectable suspension 100 U/mL) and Humalog Junior KwikPen (insulin lispro injection 100 U/mL) will be available soon, according to manufacturer Eli Lilly. The Company plans to launch authorized generics of both products at a 50% lower list price.

The Insulin Lispro Protamine and Insulin Lispro Injectable Suspension Mix 75/25 KwikPen (100 U/mL) and the Insulin Lispro Injection Junior KwikPen (100 U/mL) will be available by mid-April at a list price of $265.20 for a package of 5 KwikPens.

In May 2019, the Company made Insulin Lispro Injection (100 U/mL) available at a 50% lower list price than Humalog, the branded version of the treatment. According to Lilly, approximately 10% of those using Humalog transitioned to the lower-priced option.

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Lilly’s authorized generics are identical to the branded versions and may be substituted at the pharmacy counter. “These lower-priced insulins may reduce out-of-pocket costs, especially for people in the coverage gap of Medicare Part D, the uninsured or those with high-deductible insurance plans,” said Mike Mason, president, Lilly Diabetes.

For more information visit Lilly.com.

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