The use of the Accu-Chek® Connect diabetes meter, smartphone app, and online patient portal is associated with high treatment satisfaction and improved glycemic control among patients with type 1 diabetes and insulin-treated type 2 diabetes, according to study findings published in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics.

In this multicenter, prospective study, researchers evaluated the use of the Accu-Chek Connect diabetes management system (Roche Diabetes Care, Indianapolis, IN) in 87 adult patients. The investigators used the Diabetes Distress Scale, the Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire-status (DTSQs), and the Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire-change (DTSQc) to determine patient satisfaction related to the system.

At baseline, patients had high treatment satisfaction as assessed by the DTSQs (29.8±5.8 on a 36-point scale). Furthermore, researchers observed improvements in the DTSQc scores at 6 months, irrespective of treatment modality or type of diabetes (14.3±5.1; P <.0001). Mean Diabetes Distress Scale scores improved from baseline to 6 months following the use of the Accu-Chek Connect diabetes management system (2.0±0.8 to 1.7±0.7; P <.0001).

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In addition, patients reported a reduction in treatment-related distress from baseline to 6 months (moderate distress [2.4±1.0] to not distressed [1.9±0.9]; P <.0001). Use of the system was also associated with greater reduction in mean glycosylated hemoglobin (-0.9±1.6, P <.0001) and blood glucose (-24.8±50.8, P <.0001) levels from baseline.

Because this research included only a single arm, the lack of a control or comparator group represents a significant study limitation. Additionally, the researchers did not determine whether use of the diabetes management system resulted in reductions in acute glycemic events, information that may strengthen the rationale for using this platform in this patient population.

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Regardless of the study’s inherent limitations, this initial research demonstrates that the Accu-Chek Connect system, “can contribute to positive clinical outcomes when the resulting data are used to inform appropriate treatment changes.”

Disclosure: This study was funded by Roche Diabetes Care, the manufacturer of Accu-Check Connect.


Mora P, Buskirk A, Lyden M, Parkin CG, Borsa L, Petersen B. Use of a novel, remotely connected diabetes management system is associated with increased treatment satisfaction, reduced diabetes distress, and improved glycemic control in individuals with insulin-treated diabetes: first results from the personal diabetes management study [published online October 13, 2017]. Diabetes Technol Ther. doi: 10.1089/dia.2017.0206