(HealthDay News) — For nursing home residents with dementia taking statins, most continue statins with the progression to advanced dementia, according to research published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Jennifer Tjia, MD, from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, and colleagues examined patterns of and factors associated with statin use and discontinuation among nursing home residents with dementia. 

Data were collected from nursing home residents with dementia from all nursing homess in five states. The authors observed residents who developed advanced dementia from baseline and followed them for at least 90 days to statin discontinuation or death.

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The researchers found that 16.6% of the 10,212 residents used statins. The odds of statin use were increased with having diabetes (adjusted OR=1.24), stroke (adjusted OR=1.31) and hypertension (adjusted OR=1.35). 

Lower odds of statin use were seen in association with hospice enrollment (adjusted OR=0.75). Statins were discontinued by 37.2% during follow-up, with a median time to discontinuation of 36 days. 

Correlations were observed for shorter time to discontinuation with hospitalization in the past 30 days (adjusted HR=1.67) and more daily medications (adjusted HR=1.02). When statins were discontinued, 15.0% and 47.5% of residents stopped only statins and at least one other medication, respectively.

“Most [nursing home] residents who use statins at the time of progression to advanced dementia continue use in follow-up,” the researchers wrote.


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