American Diabetes Association 79th Scientific Sessions: What to Expect

ADA 2019
ADA 2019

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) will host its 79th Annual Scientific Sessions in San Francisco, California, from Friday, June 7, through Tuesday, June 11, 2019.1

Attendees can look forward to over 2000 original research presentations and 180 sessions at ADA 2019. Amongst the new trial data being presented, some of the most highly anticipated findings are from cardiovascular disease risk prevention trials, including the REWIND trial (Researching CV Events with a Weekly Incretin in Diabetes), being presented Sunday, June 9 at 4:30 PM, and the CAROLINA trial (Cardiovascular Safety of Linagliptin), being presented Monday, June 10 at 4:30 PM.1

Other notable presentations to look for at 79th Scientific Sessions:1

The D2d study, launched in 2013, is the largest ever clinical trial designed to explore the effects of vitamin D supplementation on delay of diabetes onset. Results will be unveiled at ADA 2019 for the first time.

(Friday, June 7, 11:30 AM -12:30 PM)

The TODAY2 Study, documenting the course of type 2 diabetes and its comorbidities (renal, cardiac, eye, nerve) in the transition from youth to young adulthood.

(Saturday, June 8, 1:45-3:45 PM)

The PREVIEW study, a global trial that used meal replacements, diets of varying compositions, and 2 physical activity strategies to gain insights into weight loss maintenance and diabetes prevention.

(Saturday, June 8, 4:00-6:00 PM)

TrialNet results, which will cover findings from the Teplizumab Prevention Trial of individuals with type 1 diabetes with multiple antibodies and abnormal glucose tolerance. In addition, data from 2 other TrialNet studies will be presented.

(Sunday, June 9, 8:00-10:00 AM)

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The RISE Clinical Trials, investigating the loss of beta-cell function in type 2 diabetes. Presenters will discuss the pathogenesis of the disease by comparing results from the Adult Medication Study with data from youth with the same glucose tolerance abnormalities.

(Sunday, June 9, 12:00-1:30 PM)

The DECLARE-TIMI 58 trial, which assessed patients with diabetes and risk factors for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease receiving dapagliflozin. The session at ADA 2019 will cover renal end points and other safety aspects.

(Sunday, June 9, 2:15-4:15 PM)

The CREDENCE and CARMELINA trials, for which key findings will be reviewed and new data analyses presented. These major trials explored the effects of canagliflozin and linagliptin, respectively, in patients with type 2 diabetes at high risk for renal and cardiovascular complications.

(Tuesday, June 11, 7:30-9:30 AM)

The PIONEER trial program, comparing the efficacy and safety of orally administered peptide drugs with other antihyperglycemic agents.

(Tuesday, June 11, 9:45-11:45 AM)

Of note, the ADA is now offering a mobile application available from Google Play or the App Store to help create personalized itineraries and stay connected throughout the conference.1 Attendees are encouraged to wear red on Sunday, June 9th, to support the ADA’s mission to prevent and cure diabetes.2

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