Indications for PARAGARD T380A:

Intrauterine contraception.


See literature. ≥16yrs: Insert into uterine cavity. Check placement shortly after first menses. Replace at least every 10 years.


<16yrs: not recommended.


Uterine abnormality. Uterine or cervical malignancy. Pelvic inflammatory disease or risk thereof. Postpartum or postabortal endometritis in the past 3 months. Genital actinomycosis. Abnormal genital bleeding. Cervicitis. Wilson's disease. Retained IUD. Pregnancy or suspicion of pregnancy.


Vaginal bleeding. Ectopic pregnancy. Immunocompromised. Immunosuppressive therapy. Avoid medical diathermy. Assure suitable uterine anatomy before insertion. Remove the device if evidence of partial expulsion, perforation, or breakage.

Pharmacologic Class:


Adverse Reactions:

Bleeding, cramps, anemia, dyspareunia, pelvic infection, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, uterine or cervical perforation, embedment or fragmentation of device, septicemia (during pregnancy), spontaneous abortion, vasovagal reactions (during insertion or removal).

How Supplied:

Device—1, 5