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Tyler Rice

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Tyler Rice is a copywriter and author based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He earned his BA in creative and professional writing from Carnegie Mellon University. Tyler joined Haymarket in 2018 and works as a freelance contributor for various industries, from personal finance and lifestyle hobbies to electricity market deregulation and nonprofit advancement. To learn more about Tyler, visit www.tyler-rice.com

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Alirocumab May Have Greater CV Reduction Benefit in Patients With Diabetes

After an acute coronary syndrome event, alirocumab may offer greater risk reductions for future cardiovascular events in patients with diabetes vs those without diabetes, according to study results published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. In the ODYSSEY OUTCOMES trial (Evaluation of Cardiovascular Outcomes After an Acute Coronary Syndrome During Treatment With Alirocumab; ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier:…

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