Mifepristone Improves Weight Loss in Cushing's Syndrome

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Patients with Cushing’s syndrome who were administered oral mifepristone (Korlym) daily experienced significant, sustained weight loss over the years as they continued on the medication, according to Henry G. Fein, MD, an endocrinologist at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, and colleagues. Mifepristone received FDA approval for treatment of Cushing’s syndrome in 2012. As part of a late-stage study, Fein and colleagues followed patients for the years after the initial study, upon which approval was based, officially concluded.


The long-term extension study included data on up to 3.5 years of treatment. Results indicated that patients lost a significant amount of weight and were able to maintain this weight loss as they continued on mifepristone.


According to Fein, the ability to lose weight and maintain weight loss may lead to better outcomes in other areas. For instance, many patients experienced improvements in type 2 diabetes, with some even reducing or discontinuing medications to manage the disease.


Surgery is often considered first when discussing treatment for Cushing’s syndrome, but when this is not an option or if patients do not experience improvement, these patients, who also continue to have high blood sugar, mifepristone may be an appropriate treatment option.

Mifepristone improves weight loss in Cushing's syndrome
Mifepristone Improves Weight Loss in Cushing's Syndrome
Fein, M.D., today presented new research showing that patients with Cushing's syndrome, a rare disease that can lead to extreme weight gain, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and psychological issues, experienced significant, sustained weight loss while taking oral medication daily over a number of years to manage symptoms of the disease.
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