Women-Only Cardiac Rehab May Be Beneficial for Women

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Women-only cardiac rehab programs may have behavioral and psychosocial advantages for women.
Women-only cardiac rehab programs may have behavioral and psychosocial advantages for women.

(HealthDay News) — Women-only cardiac rehabilitation programs may confer behavioral and psychosocial advantages for women, according to a study published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.

Liz Midence, from York University in Toronto, and colleagues examined whether participation in women-only cardiac rehab results in better outcomes than other models. Low-risk cardiac patients were recruited and surveyed regarding their health behaviors and psychosocial well-being. A total of 169 eligible participants were randomly allocated to mixed-sex, women-only, or home-based cardiac rehab; 116 patients were retained.

The researchers found that women in mixed-sex and women-only cardiac rehab groups had increased self-reported physical activity (per protocol and as treated, P<.05), and improvement in quality of life (per protocol and as treated, P<.05). Women in the women-only cardiac rehab group had improvement in diet (as treated, P<.05). 

Compared with women in the women-only cardiac rehab group, women in the mixed-sex cardiac rehab group had higher anxiety symptoms (per protocol, P=.017) and higher depressive symptoms (as treated, P=.001). 

After adjustment for confounding variables there were no significant differences in any outcome by model.

"Behavioral and psychosocial outcomes were largely equivalent regardless of model; however, women-only programs may confer an advantage for anxiety and depressive symptoms," the researchers wrote.


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