Light Jogging Beneficial for Health

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Light Jogging Beneficial for Health
Light Jogging Beneficial for Health

(HealthDay News) — A little jogging is good for your health, researchers say, but too much might not be. The findings were published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Out of a pool of 5,048 healthy Danish adults, Jacob Marott, of the Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, and colleagues followed nearly 1,098 healthy joggers and 413 sedentary people for more than 12 years. The joggers noted their hours and frequency of jogging, and their perception of their pace.

The strenuous joggers, the investigators found, were as likely to die during that time period as the sedentary non-joggers. Light joggers and moderate joggers fared better, in that order. 

"The reported pace was not an absolute pace in miles per hours, but the subjects' own perception of pace as slow, average or fast," Marott explained to HealthDay. He said that's more appropriate than an absolute scale when the age range is as wide as it was in their study (ages 20 to 95 years). 

In general, however, the slow or average pace was about 5 miles per hour or a 12-minute mile, and the fast pace was 7 miles per hour or about an 8-minute mile.

"In this study, the dose of running that was most favorable for reducing mortality was jogging 1 to 2.4 hours per week, with no more than three running days per week," Marott said. The best pace was slow or average — about 5 miles per hour, he added.


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